The past simple

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Мұғалімі: Ердененов Дамир Сағатбекұлы

Ағылшын тілі пәнінен ашық сабақ

Сыныбы: 6 «А»

Open lesson plan


Theme: The Past Simple Tense

Date: 25. 10. 2017

Teacher’s name: Damir Yerdenenov

Class: 6 ‘A’

Number present:                           absent:

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to

learn how to say about the past events in the context of last day activities making affirmative, negative and question forms with regular verbs.

 дұрыс етістіктермен болымды, болымсыз, сұраулы формаларын құрып, өткен күнгі іс-әрекеттер жайында айтуды үйрену.

Lesson objectives

All learners will able to: have general knowledge on the topic


Most learners will able to: distinguish the difference between tenses and make negative and question forms in the past form


Some learners will able to: make their own sentences


Language objective

Learners can: make negative and question forms in present simple

Key words and phrases: Ask, answer, explain

Useful classroom language for dialogue /writing: what did you do yesterday?

Writing prompts: endings ed/d to the verbs

Previous learning



Planned timings

Planned activities



5 min.

Get ready the projector and the slides before the lesson.

 Welcome our guests

Organizing the lesson, get learners to know the aim of the lesson. Сабақты ұйымдастыру, оқушыларды сабақтың мақсатымен таныстыру. Критериялар бойынша бағалаумен таныстыру

(5 min)

Interactive board, slides


 30 min

1. Setting up the context. Контекст құру.

  • Yesterday I was at home, cleaned up my house and watched TV

2. Explaining the material and do a phonetic drill. With a translation. Жаңа сабақты түсіндіру және аудармасымен  фонетикалық жаттығу жасау

  • To be:
  • Pres. Simple am/is/are – Past simple was жекеше/were көпше
  • I am at school – I was at school
  • He is at school – he was at school
  • She is at school – she was at school
  • It is at school – it was at school
  • You are at school – you were at school
  • We are at school – we were at school
  • They are at school – they were at school

(5 min)

3. Providing clear explanation of the past simple forms of affirmative, negative and question forms with the example sentences. Мысал сөйлемдермен болымды, болымсыз, сұраулы формалардың өткен шақтағы жасалу жолдарын айқын түсіндіру

  • AFFIRMATIVE FORM (болымды формасы) - V ed/d

I visited Astana last month

   Өткен айда мен Астанаға барып қайттым

  • NEGATIVE FORM (болымсыз) -  _ did not V1

I did not visit Almaty last week

Өткен аптада мен Алматыға барып қайтқан жоқпын

  •  QUESTION FORM (сұраулы) – Did _ V1 ?

 Did I visit London in 2015?

- Yes, I did

- No, I did not (didn’t)

2015 жылы мен Лондонға барып қайттым ба?

(Қосымша 2 мысалды тақтаға жазып, көрсету)

(6 min)

4.  Whole class work: finding and labeling affirmative, negative, question forms with special colored cards. + - ? Read and translate the dialogue for learners. Some learners reread the dialogue.

Сынып жұмыс: арнайы түсті карточкалармен диалогтағы болымды, болымсыз, сұраулы сөйлемдерді тауып белгілеу. Диалогты оқушыларға оқып, аударып беру беру. Кейбір оқушылар қайта өз жұбымен оқиды

  • - Hello, Azamat
  • - Hi, Maqsat
  • - Where were you yesterday?
  • - I was at home
  • - What did you do at home?
  • - I cleaned up my house
  • - Did you clean up all the rooms?
  • - Yes, I did
  • - Did you clean up the yard?
  • - No, I didn’t clean up the yard
  • - Was your brother with you?
  • - No, he was not with me, he was at school
  • - Did you do anything else?
  • - Yes, I watched TV!

(10 min).

5.  Refresh time. Refresh time is carried out by one pupil who provides a model for the class.

Сергіту сәті. Бір оқушы сынып алдына шығып, сергіту сәтін жүргізеді

  • Hands up, shake your hands
  • Hands down, clap your hands. (2 times)
  • Breathe in, breathe out (2 times)
  • Turn right, turn left. (2 times)
  • Look up, Look down
  • Onto your place sit down!

(1  min)

6. Group work. Dividing the class into 3 groups. Doing the task. Then the speakers read out loud the sentences to the class and other group

Топтық жұмыс. Сыныпты 3 топқа бөлу. Тапсырманы орындау. Кейін топ спикерлері дауыстап басқа оқушыларға оқып береді

2. Put the words in right order, then make negative and question forms:

1) asked / I / mother / my

2) to my/ answered/ she/ question

3) helped / my sister / yesterday / I

(8 min)

Ready presentation slides


5 min

7. Self assessment criteria (handouts)

Өзін бағалау критериялары (дискриптор)

8. Home task (will be shown in a board)

Үй жұмысы (тақтада көрсетіледі)

  • Page 26, exercise 3. Read the text and compare Nina’s and Dauren’s holiday.



Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?

What did learners learn today?

What was the learning atmosphere like?

Did my planned differentiation work well?

Did I stick to timings? What changes did I make from my plan and why?

From my point of view I have achieved the aim of the lesson

They learnt how to say they verbs in the past with affirmative, negative and question forms

Pupils were a little inactive because of the guests I think or just the activities were not so joyful

Everything was in its planned time


To make the lessons more vivid in future, be more active and be more confident


Criteria  (критериялар)

Point Балл (1)


Can make affirmative form of the past “+”



Can make negative form of the past “-”



Can make question form of the past “?”



Can find in a text



Can answer to general question in the past “yes, I did./ no I didn’t”


Your name ______________________________


Пікірлер (1)


Сәлеметсіз бе!маған барлық шақ керек еді шығара аласыз ба?

Пікір қалдырыңыз
Сертификат алу. Сертификат, алғыс хат пен диплом алу жөнінде мәлімет
ҰБТ(онлайн тест)