Keep warm

Grade - 6 A                                                                                        

Date: 11.02.2015            School: Babaikorgan       Teacher name: Musayev A.

The theme of the lesson: “Keep warm”

Aims: 1. To enrich pupils’ knowledge concerning the theme about health and some illnesses, consolidate and activate the vocabulary by theme.

2. Develop pupils’ attention, memory and logical thinking. To develop in speaking, reading and writing skills

3. Bring up children to love English.

Methods: competing, creative work, making dialogues, group work, working with pictures.

Type: Introducing new lesson

Equipments: Interactive board, posters, pictures, cards, etc.


Procedure of the lesson:

I.Org.  moment
1. Greeting
Teacher’s and  pupils’ activity
- Good afternoon, children! I’m glad to see you.
- Good afternoon teacher,

We are glad to see you too
How are you? 
- I’m very well, thank you! And you? 
- We are fine. 
- Sit down, please
- Who is on duty today? 
- Who is absent? 
-What day of the week is it today?
-What is the date today?
-What season is it now?

II. Warm up.

I am, She is, It is, He is -

How difficult it is!

We are, You are, They are

How  clever we are!


III. Asking homework

Pupils read their h/w

Sentences with comparative and superlative adjectives


IV. Introducing the new theme


 Awaking stage.

- Children, look at this picture.

What do you see in this picture?

- Two friends. – What season is it? -It’s winter. – What are they doing ? They are riding on the sledges. - How do you think who will catch a cold first?

- The girl who puts light clothes on. - Why do you think so? I think so because she doesn’t keep warm . The weather is frosty, the temperature is below Zero.

- Well, our theme is Keep warm. At this lesson we are going to speak about health problems and their treatment and illnesses.

- Children, What season is it now? – It’s winter now. Good, we know that people have some problems in winter. Here is a T-chart. Write what children should do or shouldn’t do to be healthy in winter.



Keep warm

Eat vitamins

Dress warm clothes

Drink warm water

Drink hot tea

Drink milk

Eat ice cream

Drink cold water

Dress light clothes.



Good for you.

  • I divide the class into 2-groups. These cards I’ll give you for marks; a happy boy is “5”, a tired boy is “4”, and an ill boy is “3”. Pupils, you should try not to be an ill boy.
  1. Containers. Use these words to complete the expressions below. Then compare with a partner.

Packet      Can    Tube    Glass     Package    Jar

A_____________of toothpaste

A_____________of milk

A_____________of juice

A_____________of oil

A_____________of water

A_____________of tissues


- Now, children look at these new words and write down

B) Listen and repeat.

Keep warm - Жылы ұстану

Tired – шаршау

Angry - ашулы

Happy - көңілді

Worried - абыржу

Cold – суық, салқын тию

іll - ауыру

Unhappy – бақытсыз, көңілсіз

Bored -жалығу.

Headache – бас ауру


C)  The next task is matching from numbers to letters

Look at the sentences below. They are mixed up. Can you match them and make sentences?


  1. When I’m unhappy, I                       a. Go to the doctor
  2. When I’m happy, I                           b. don’t talk
  3. When I’m tired, I                             c. listen to music
  4. When I’m tired, I                             d. drink hot tea
  5. When I’m cold, I                              e. sing
  6. When I’m ill. I                                 f. bite my nails
  7. When I’m worried, I                        g. go to bed

V.  Сергіту сәті:

Children, I see you are tired, aren’t you? Let’s sing together

A song – If you Happy

D) Listen and read. Boys and girls now let’s work with this text. This is Asel’s diary.

a) Group A will read the text.

Group B will translate the text.

Both Group  will do the task True or False.

  1. It was Thursday
  2. She felt fine all day
  3. She slept 8 hours
  4. She feels better today
  5. It’s her favourite book. Time 5 min.

Asel: Hello, Carol. How are you?

Carol: I feel terrible!

Asel: Oh, no! What’s wrong?

Carol: I’ve got a cold. A really bad cold. I sneeze all the time and my temperature is 39 degrees. I can’t sleep and I can’t read. I just feel terrible.

Asel: Poor you. Did you take aspirin?

Carol: Yes. I take four aspirins a day. But I still feel terrible.

Asel: I can tell you what to do. Take a lemon, some honey, and some hot water. Mix it together. Drink it when it is very hot. Do that six times a day and you will feel better. And keep warm!

E) And  the last task is Group A – write «Healthy food» and Group B – «Unhealthy food»

Look at the picture

VI. Conclusion. (A semantic map)



A headache

A cough

The flu

Drink hot tea

with honey




Go to bed and rest




Take some aspirin




Drink warm liquids




Rub oil on the chest





We finish our lesson with fulfilling the map. Time 3 min

Comment the marks.

VII. Giving the homework Ex.10, p. 75.

- The lesson is over. Good-bye, children.


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